A Tickles Battle

Note: More Larry with Leah, their daughter :) I wrote his because I love everything with Larry and kids in between <3 Hope you like it, too!

Larry One Shot / Where Larry’s child is worried about having a brother.

Louis can feel something patting his legs. What is happening? Is late in the night, too late, and he’s so bloody tired after having wilds sex with his husband and having to face a tantrum from his child.

“Haz, I want to sleep” Louis murmurs.

As an answer, Harry growls in his sleep. Louis can feel Harry’s body impossible close to his, their legs entangled and fingers intertwined. So, if Harry is right there cuddling with him… who the hell is patting him?

“Daddy, daddy!”

The tiny and worried voice from Leah enters in Louis’s mind and he immediately wakes up. He finds his little girl up on the bed, curled up between her daddies and staring at him.

“Hey, love” he says, trying not to sound so sleepy. “What is this little beautiful girl doing here? Did you have a nightmare?”

Leah shakes her head and then starts to play with the hands, right as she does when something is bothering her.

Louis sits up carefully on bed, not without getting a groan from a sleepy Harry, and opens his arms to hug his child. Leah immediately curls up on her dad’s chest, surrounded by his arms.

“And dad?” she asks, pointing to Harry. Louis turns to him and can’t help smiling at the view of his beautiful husband asleep.

“He’s sleeping. Do you want me to wake him up?”

“No! He’s dreaming” she says, staring at his young dad. Louis nods.

“I’m pretty sure he is”

“Is he dreaming with you?” Leah asks, resting her head on Louis’s shoulder. Every time she do this, Louis feels a rush of happiness all over his body, feeling that the moment can’t be more perfect and his life is right what he wants. Leah and Harry make him feel complete.

And it’s incredible for Louis to hug something so tiny and delicate as his daughter Leah.

“I hope so” he whispers after kissing his daughter on the head.

“Or maybe…”

“Or maybe what, lady?” Louis asks, frowning.

Leah looks at him with her beautiful eyes wide open.

“Mmm… daddy…”

“What, love?”

“You are happy with us, right?”

“What is that question for?” Louis enquires, clearly surprised by his daughter question. Why is Leah being so insecure?

“Daddy… I heard dad! He was saying something about…”

Louis doesn’t push his little girl to talk, but he’s so fucking curious. Leah never makes so many turns when she’s about to say something, she just goes for it and that’s all. But in that moment…

Then, as the father he is, he catches his daughter. It was just a guessing, nothing concrete. That midday at lunch, Harry talked with him about it, but only as a future option. Of course Louis was wiling to have another child, actually he’d love to, but that conversation was only a guess. Nothing concrete. But Leah heard them, and maybe…

“Leah, my love. Are you trying to ask me if daddy and I are planning to have another child?”

Leah blushes visibly and buries her head on Louis’s chest. Louis giggles and holds her tight.

“Is Leah Tomlinson-Styles jealous?”

The little girl nods, a little bit ashamed.

“No! Don’t be jealous, Leah… You are and you are always going to be our number one”

“But dad…”

“Yes, Harry was talking about another child… but because we want you to teach him –or her- how to be so awesome as you!”

Leah moves her head until she faces her daddy. She purses her lips and then glances at Harry, who is still asleep.

“Am I awesome?”


“You’re my dad” she says, rolling her eyes. “That’s why you are saying me this”

“Hey, give me credit!”

Father and daughter giggle and collapse in bed, Louis tickling Leah while she’s laughing with her tiny and girly laughter. All the noise finally wakes Harry up.

“What…?” he asks, clearly angry for being waken up in the middle of the night. But when he sees his husband with his child, all having fun and so cute together, the anger disappears completely from his face and mind. “Are you both having a tickles battle without me?”

Leah gets rid of Louis and runs to Harry’s arms, who is ready to embrace his daughter.

“That’s not fair!” Louis yells, joking, and then he jumps over them and the tickles battle is now back again.

Louis plays gracefully with his daughter, while she’s trying to hide behind Harry, who is actually trying to tickle Louis and Leah at the same time.

Leah takes a cushion to protect Harry from Louis’s tickles.

"Daddy is gonna win!" She yells with excitement. Harry laughs throwing his head back. Then he takes the cushion and flings it to Louis.

"Oh, you Styles!" Louis groans and then starts making tickles to Harry while Leah is trying to help him.

When they are tired enough and need to recover their breathing, the three lie down in bed, wide smiles on their faces

“If I have a brother… we will still have tickles battles?” Leah asks with a shy voice.

Harry, who had lost part of the conversation but it’s smart enough to understand his daughter and to reply nicely to her, answers:

“No! They’re going to be better! Two against two!”

“That’s right!” Louis agrees, intertwining his hands with Harry’s. “Daddy is right, love”

Leah settles between her two daddies and looks at them.

“Mmm… So… I want to have a brother!”

Harry giggles and looks at his daughter with tenderness, and then his gaze slides to Louis, who is smiling at him.

“Lou wants a boy, too”

“I do”

Leah claps her hands in excitement and then closes her eyes.

“Are you going to sleep here, bug?” Louis asks and Leah only nods in response. She’s falling asleep, tired after the tickles battle.

Time passes and Leah’s breathing turns slow, which means she fell asleep. Harry is awake, so Louis is. Their gazes find each other.

“I love you” Harry whispers, feeling that the words are not fair enough to his feelings.

“I love you too, curly. Thank you for giving me the most amazing family”

“No. Thanks to you, Lou Bear”

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